Assertive Online English Placement Test


The AOEPT placement test has been designed as an assessment tool for kids, teens, and young adults. It measures the approximate receptive and productive English proficiency level of users of English as a foreign language as described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR.

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Instant results

All results and statistical graphs can be consulted, sorted, compared, and downloaded as soon as the participants finish their exams.

Psychometric approach

All test sections and language elements are aligned to psychometric characteristics of validated and reliable tests.


Save time and money by instantly accessing all necessary placement testing data, customizing the login page, as well as test specification.

Assertive Online English Placement Test

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Online Delivery

The AOEPT is delivered online, on demand. It has an estimated completion time of 60 mins.


It considers the participant’s local context. Depending on needs, the content, the levels, and test specifications can be adapted to your study program.

CEFR Aligned

Test specifications and elements of language follow the CEFR descriptors of achievement.

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Use of English

Grammatical knowledge, tense use, verb conjugations, syntax patterns, and functionality knowledge.

Vocabulary Knowledge

Items adapted from validated vocabulary size tests in the context of EFL.

Listening Comprehension

Factual and pragmatic English language listening comprehension levels.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension level of varied sociolinguistic nature texts.

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Overall level

Individual and group overall average indicators from all sections of the test.

Skill level

Individual results indicators from each section of the test.


It allows you to double check and analyze individual results.


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